Gluten or Placebo?

A week ago I woke up groggy as always, snoozed through a couple of alarms, had caffeine to get me going, then caffeine to keep me going. Had my usual afternoon nap to get me through the afternoon. Feeling tired, bloated and ‘unwell’, I decided to jump on a scale only to find I was the heaviest I have ever been. 10 lbs heavier then I was a year ago. Without the scale part, this is a normal day for me and has been since I can remember.

My folks sent me Novak Djokovic’s book, ‘Serve to win’, so I decided to follow a few things in the book. I’ve already given up dairy and orange juice so I tried giving up gluten and limiting my feta and parmesan cravings and also not having carb’s after 2pm. The past three mornings I have woken up around 5:45am without an alarm energized and ready to go. I have not needed my usual coffee lifts and I have not had any caffeine in a week. I have also not had or needed to take an afternoon nap. By the way I jumped on the scale, admittedly with three 30 minutes elliptical workouts since the last weigh in, (I can’t run because my heels have been killing me) I’m over 4 lbs lighter!!

Is it the gluten? If I can make it to next week like this, gluten free, I will have to take the test and devour a cinnamon bun from Panera and let you know how I feel…I can promise you this, I feel so good right now I’m not even temped to get it off it.